Featured Article Stunning Neptune Kitchen

Jonathan, Rachel and their family’s completed kitchen and rear extension has been featured on the Neptune website. This was designed in collaboration with Model Projects and Woods of London. The Limehouse design has a contemporary touch.  The kitchen range sits perfectly within the light modern extension,  providing distinction against the period  features of their Victorian Semi Detached House in Ealing, West London. Bold vibrant colours alongside simple elegant lines contrast with the use of internal London Stock Brickwork. Bespoke windows and rooflights help pull natural light into the kitchen area below. 

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Jonathan's wish list began with colour and hardware rather than cabinetry styles.

“The Lily colour of the cabinets at Neptune Chiswick jumped out immediately. So we knew we wanted to keep that palette. The simplicity of the Limehouse handles appealed to me as well. I felt they really added to the design and was sure I wanted to have those featured on the cabinets. The work surface in the store was a deep grey colour and had scratch-proof and heat-resistant qualities that we knew we’d find very useful, so we requested that as well as one area in timber too. And we wanted to have a French gas stove in tangerine orange.”

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