Why Model Projects

If you are thinking about embarking on a new build project or a renovation of your existing home, let Model Projects take away all of the stress. We offer fully managed and bespoke solutions for your project and your own needs.






Frequently Asked Questions

Design Ideas:

:     I would like to bring light into my house - Any tips?

A:     Natural daylight is a fantastic way to improve the effect of light to your property. There are a number of items which can be explored in your home design ideas and discussions with your MP home designer. One of these is rooflights and sidelights, especially to your hallways and landings. If you are creating a loft conversion - a great tip if to include a skylight which floods the hallway and landings below with natural daylight.

:     Any kitchen design ideas for a small urban home?

A:    When exploring kitchen design ideas, not only style is important but also layout - how you and your family use this space in your home. Cleverly designed spaces can make small spaces feel larger. Key design ideas are; reflective surfaces, lights, light colours and pull out storage units.


Q:     Would I need planning permission for a rear extension?

A:    You may be able to undertake your rear extension through Permitted Development Rights, which will mean that a full planning application is not required. We would recommend undertaking a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) to confirm your home extension.

Q:     What is the difference between permitted development and a full planning application?

A:    Permitted development provides allowances of volume and spatial additions for your home, which you are entitled to. This could significantly increase the allowance of volume for your loft conversion for example. Your home designer will discuss home design ideas with you during your Creation Pack meeting, with knowledge of your planning history.

Q:     What is an LDC?

A:    A Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) is confirmation that your proposed home extension or loft conversion is within your permitted development right and therefore that you do not require full planning permission in order to complete the project.

Q:     How long does a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) or a Full Planning Application (FPA) usually take?

A:    Obtaining a LDC or FPA typically takes 8-10 weeks. During this time we can continue to explore kitchen design ideas, developing your home design through to technical design. Once we receive your LDC, we can commence works on site. 

Q:     What is the best way to get the maximum volume in the loft?

A:    Loft conversions are a great way to obtain additional space, especially in London and the South East. If your property has Permitted Development Rights, you can gain an additional floor almost! Our MP home designer will talk you through the best use of space and we will be happy to provide more details and examples of our previous and current projects. 

Q:     How many meters back can I go under the new (May 2013) permitted development rules?

A:    The government have changed the permitted development rules for 3 years (ending in May 2016) which allows people to extend their homes by up to 6 meters for a terrace or semi detatched property and up to 8 m for a detached property. This will require what is called a Prior Notification, which allows your neighbours 14 days to raise any objections to the scheme. 

Q:     Do I have permitted development rights within a conservation area?

A:         If your site is located in a conservation area it does not necessarily mean your PD rights have been removed, however there will be restrictions and guidelines that you will be required to follow. This is part of our service and we research this within your Model Projects Creation Pack.

Q:     Does Model Projects manage the whole planning process for me?

A:    Yes - certainly. Utilizing our experience of the planning process, we can maximise your chances of success. We have a wealth of experience from multiple Permitted Development projects, submitted under a Lawful Development Certificate to new build applications, listed building consent, Green Belt projects and everything in between.