Step by Step Guide to your Home Renovation Project

Seven Steps to Success (Chapters):

  1. Creating a Brief
  2. Undertaking a Feasibility Report 
  3. Your Project Checklist 
  4. Planning Overview
  5. Identifying your style  
  6. Controlling your budget  
  7. Managing your timeline

1.    Creating a Brief

Outline Your Project’s:


ModelProjects_Preso_Content1_Images (3).jpg
ModelProjects_Preso_Content1_Images (2).jpg
ModelProjects_Preso_Content1_Images (1).jpg

Collect images from magazines and create online moodboards:


Pinterest  |  Houzz  |  Homify

What is the main purpose of your project?

  1. What additional space do you need? 
  2. Improve existing flow and natural light to the property? 
  3. Increase storage within your home?

2.    Undertaking a Feasibility Report

Having identified your requirements during Step 1, it would be beneficial to
discuss your project with a renovation professional within your home. 


3.    Your Project Checklist

Your Checklist should include the following:

Planning Applications

  • Full Planning Permission
  • Lawful Development Certificate
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Ecology Surveys (Including Bat)
  • Arborist Report (TPO’s)
  • Conditions, CODE, Lifetime homes

Utilities Applications

  • Do you have a manhole/ public sewer which you will be building within 3m of?
  • Does the project include the relocation of a gas or electric meter?
  • Do any telephone lines, post boxes, street signs, etc. need to be relocated to allow for the design?

Building Control

  • Building Notice vs. Plan Check
  • Full Plan Submission
  • Ensure your project complies 
  • Key Stage Visit 
  • Building Control Reports
  • Third indepentant party
  • Completion Certificates

Party Wall

  • Will the project affect an existing party wall (between you and your neighbour)
  • Does the work include a new party wall to be erected between you and your neighbour?
  • Is the proposed project within 3m of your neighbouring properties?


  • Proposed Sketch Scheme
  • Specialist Foundations
  • Retaining Wall
  • Full set of Calculations
  • Reviewed by building control
  • Support while on site
  • Integrated into your design ideas

On Site Project Support

  • Will you be living on site and managing the project day to day?
  • Do you require external assistance?
  • Have you had experience of a renovation project before?
  • Contract management
  • Timeline management


4.    Planning Overview

Full Planning vs Permitted Development

Permitted Development

  • Permitted Development is a national law
  • Neighbours are not consulted 
  • Planners can only check that the proposed scheme meets the regulations

Full Planning Application

  • Local Authority local planning guidelines
  • Neighbours are consulted
  • Planners have an option to comment/ affect the proposed scheme
“By utilising the Permitted Development Rights already attached to your home you can bypass the conventional planning process. There are enormous benefits to this route such as bigger lofts and extensions, more extensive glazing and large out buildings, to name but a few.”

Example of the volume added to a loft conversion on a terrace house


Permitted Development: Loft Conversion
Volume Allowance for a Loft Conversion  40m3 for a Terraced House and 50m3 for Semi-detached and Detached House


Permitted Development: New Rules

  • 6m back for single storey rear extension for Terraced and Semi detached houses
  • 8m back for single storey rear extensions for Detached houses

5.    Identifying your Style

Among all of the complicated checklist requirements, the most important thing to remember is why you are undertaking the renovation project is to make your property your home. 

ModelProjects_StyleImages (1).jpg
ModelProjects_StyleImages (2).jpg

6.    Controlling your Budget

These are the key areas where you can control your budget from windows and doors to kitchens and bathrooms. 


7.    Managing your Timeline

There are some key factors to take into account with timeline management:

Planning Application | Party Wall | Engineering | Tender | Building Control


Please see  a selection of Before and After Images of Renovation Projects

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