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Model Projects are experts in Planning Permission and Permitted Development for Renovation, New Build and Conversion Projects.

If you own an office or agricultural buildings have you thought about developing them into a home?

​The government have made it easier to convert both offices and agricultural buildings into dwellings through new Permitted Development Rights. Model Projects can help you assess the potential of these development through the Creation Pack.  

Offices are often located in central locations in towns and cities. These make great development opportunities for flats, maisonettes or terrace houses.

​Agricultural buildings are often in rural areas and make fantastic large detached houses. There are many barns that would make fantastic houses with great views across the countryside.

​​​Are you looking to create a New House?
Is the proposed development going to be located on a empty plot or the breaking up of a single plot into multiple
plots. Or is the development the removal of an existing house and replacing it with a new house. Through finding derelict properties or finding small bungalows on large plots that could accommodate a larger house.  

​If the land is located in a conservation area it does not prohibit you form developing. Many local authority councils in the UK are seeking good modern architecture in historic locations.

​Model Projects will assess the viable solution for the plot for either single or multiple dwellings and help you create your dream home. 

​​​Are you thinking of renovating Your home?

​Or thinking about purchasing a property to renovate either as your family home or as development. During the creation pack, Model Projects will analyse if the development can be carried under Permitted Development or will require a Full Planning Application, along with developing a
beautiful home.

​The types of Renovation projects are:

> Extensions (including kitchen extensions)

> Loft Conversions

> Basements

> Whole House Refurbishments

​> Garden Design and Garden Rooms



Construction Pack



Home Design Pack

Investing in a creation Pack is the best way to start your home renovation or new build project. This feasibility study provides a bespoke design solution for your home, budget and personal requirements. It also includes a measured survey, existing plans a creative design session, planning history review and tailor made timeline and checklist.

To learn more about the creation pack and any other services we offer please call us on 020 3239 0877 or alternatively email us at info@modelprojects.co.uk

Our three stage process takes you from your initial design brief through to your completed project.​



Project  Creation Pack

Specialising in Design, Budget & Timeline Management for Renovation and New Build Projects.

We work with you to create your dream home. In utilizing the latest in 3D technology, along with clear communication and visualisations of proposed spaces, we can complete your project with you. Clarity and originality are the driving factors for our cutting edge architectural design and management practice.